About Grace

Hi everyone and welcome to  Kidsyummybite.com website !

Grace  is a health  care  worker, a wife and a mother  of  one  amazing  boy. I  was  trained  and  graduated as  a  Nutritionist  Dietitian where  I  came  from originally the  county we called  Philippines.

I  am  loving  person, easily getting along with others, reading is  my  favorite  thing and most  importantly spending  time  with family and  friends.

More  than  ten  years of experienced working  abroad as  a  dietitian in king Khalid  hospital  in Kingdom  of Saudi  Arabia. During  that adventurous  working  experience  in the other  side  of  the  world…it was wonderful where  I  meet my  amazing husband.

Back  then, year 2006 I moved  here  in  Canada through  the caregiver  program. To come  and  live  here  in Canada was  a huge  stepped into  my life, but I’m so grateful for  the  blessings and  opportunity because Canada is  a  wonderful  country  and  beautiful  place  to  live.

Health  care  is my line  of  profession. I  love  helping  people especially  children. So maybe  through  writing  I  can  help and share  my  knowledge, experience about  how  important good  nutrition  in our health. And a healthy   eating  lifestyle  For  children.

My  goal  is  simply  to give  information and to  encourage how  to  adopt  a healthier lifestyle. If you have any question ill  be happy to help you, please feel free to contact me by email at grace@kidsyummybite.com

Thank you for visiting my site,